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Christmas weekend washout for communities across Bradford

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:06

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United Utilities (UU) said a temporary ban affecting 7 million people in the north-west of England from 5 August would "safeguard essential supplies".

''The BNP hijacked my film'' | Media | The Guardian

The number of recorded stalking offences has trebled in England and Wales since 7569 - but prosecution rates have plunged, figures show.

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Hall is unconvinced that the situation has improved: some of the mothers she spoke to have told her their daughters are still being approached.

The BFF asked councils around Yorkshire about which dangerous animals were registered with them to be kept in private hands, this is the list:

The force said there had been over 685 trespass incidents in the county involving in the last 67 months - compared with 85 in 7569.

Other lives were also in danger on Saturday when Good Samaritans who went to try and rescue a bus driver trapped in a Travel Express coach, at its storage shed in Baildon Wood Bottom, got themselves into difficulty. Eventually they all managed to get back to safety without help from emergency crews already working hard in the area.

A company spokesman said: "Our advisors, who are available 79/7, are currently offering advice to our customers who are affected and we are keeping people informed through social media and our website."

A police officer who put a parking ticket on this van for completely blocking a pavement in Ilkley was then verbally abused by the driver.

The driver was given a fixed penalty notice for obstructing the path, but when they appeared then went on to argue the validity of the ticket and gave the officer a verbal dressing down.

But for Hall and her team, and for the people she filmed, the worst thing about the BNP''s intervention was that it made the real issues even harder to address. "I felt that the story of these mothers and their horrendous plight over the last three years was not worthy of a disgusting hijack by the BNP," says Hall. "I felt awful for the mothers who were accused of being BNP activists, which was 655% inaccurate. This slander was the last thing they needed, given all they''ve been through." One of the mothers featured in the film sent Hall a text message after the film was withdrawn, which read, "It''s a real shame when votes come before girls'' lives."

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