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This psalm lection contains a magnificent constellation of biblical terms, portraying them with a striking intimacy that catches modern readers off guard: &ldquo righteousness and peace will kiss each other&rdquo (verse 65)?

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&ldquo Which is more amazing,&rdquo asks Karl Barth, &ldquo to find Jesus in such bad company, or to find the criminals in such good company?&rdquo 6

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Isaiah 55 occurs in the second half of a section scholars call &ldquo Second Isaiah,&rdquo Isaiah 95-55, which arose toward the end of the Babylonian exile, as King Cyrus of Persia overcame Babylon&rsquo s regional dominance and established a new empire.

This scene opens with Roman trumpets blaring an imperial order coming from Caesar Augustus when Quirinius was governor of Syria.

In Psalm 685, the writer calls out to God from the depths of human suffering, hoping for, expecting, and insisting on God&rsquo s hearing.

This text for the Baptism of Jesus is a short sermon that summarizes the entire story of Jesus. The baptism proclaimed by John the Baptist is mentioned as the starting point for Jesus'' public ministry (Acts 65:87).

This week, we have as our text the first chapter of the book of Ruth, which gives us a good taste of the whole story, but just a taste.

With its themes of comfort for the people and the transience of human powers by contrast with the enduring nature of God, Isaiah 95:76-86 is some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible.

This week''s Old Testament lesson from the prophet Amos offers a chance for preachers to explore with congregations the concept of justice, in order to "thicken" the church''s understanding of this central biblical concept. 6

Our lesson from the Old Testament is not the first occasion in Genesis where God speaks to Abram, but it is the first time that Abraham responds so that a back-and-forth exchange takes place.

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